Real Estate & Facility Management Services

To aim high you need solid foundations
The Group’s Real Estate & Facility Management department is responsible for managing physical workspaces and support services used by employees and external collaborators. The main priority for the department is to respect the activities and specific nature of each company in the Group and to satisfy the practical needs and qualitative expectations of internal clients, regulations and corporate welfare requirements, working in direct collaboration with the Safety & Security department. The department also strives to ensure astute economic and financial management. The process includes planning, implementation and subsequent monitoring and control phases designed to identify and provide basic services needed to support the operational and business activities of the companies belonging to the Group. In this way, we guarantee pre-determined levels of service in a quality environment and within appropriate cost points.

Building services

We oversee the maintenance of real estate and all facilities and structures in accordance with workplace hygiene, safety and energy efficiency regulations.

We supply administrative support around taxes and insurance relating to services provided.

We design and suggest actions designed to innovate and improve the state of real estate and facilities.

Space management

We oversee real-estate logistics, the design and optimisation of spaces, furniture and move-in and move-out processes for internal and external resources in order to support internal communication processes, boost awareness and optimise business activities.

We equip and oversee communal areas and provide support for event organisation.

People services

We oversee all necessary support services for people who work at the company, with the objective of guaranteeing wellbeing in the workplace and ensuring services are functioning properly. This includes cleaning, internal and external post, switchboard, hospitality in meeting rooms, printing, car hire, documentation archiving etc.