Mediobanca Innovation Services

To aim high you need solid foundations

Our history


MIS joined the Mediobanca Group and became an Information Communication Technology company, with the aim of centralising expertise, management and development of IT services.


Additional services were introduced into the Group: the procurement department, fleet management, insurance policies and rentals.

2013 to the present day

Creation of the Mediobanca Group Service Centre, aimed at: technological innovation and excellence for the services provided.

Objectives and Mission

  • Supporting the strategic initiatives and projects of the Mediobanca Group and its subsidiaries
  • Maximizing efficiency and operational effectiveness (make or buy, vendor consolidation, process revision, creating workflow documents, lean re-engineering)


“Mediobanca Innovation Services (MIS) pays close attention to issues regarding sustainability. MIS was built using the most environmentally sensitive technologies available. In particular, the use of equipment with high readings in terms of ESEER (European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) has meant it is possible to make improvements in the area of heating and cooling systems and in terms of insulating surfaces, which has driven a significant reduction in the release of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.”