Group Administration Services

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It carries out all administrative and accounting activities, from planning to management of the accounts receivable cycle. Provides services to the companies belonging to the Group including management of real-estate leases, mobile telephony services and correspondence with the judiciary and Guardia di Finanza (Financial Guard).

Management of accounts payable and receivable

The service is delivered by managing the entire document flow resulting from the accounts payable and receivable processes, including data management, the issuing of orders to suppliers and accounting adjustments. Obligations are carried out in compliance with regulations and internal procedures. The service includes all reporting required by the companies served, as well as ensuring appropriate support to the relevant departments: accounting, tax, management control and Group procurement.

Planning and Control

Specific offices take care of the following operations: management control, accounting, cash flow and treasury management, and regulatory compliance (law 262).
The function also oversees mobile telephony and services for client companies, such as lease administration and fleet management.