Mediobanca Application Platform Services

Information management that generates value
The Mediobanca Application Platform Services unit ensures the proper functioning and development of the Data Warehouse (DWH), the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Intranet of the Group Companies and user portals developed with SharePoint technology.

IT Front Office

We manage applications designed to support Mediobanca’s front office processes, particularly the position-keeping system, systems for managing and validating market data and systems for calculating credit and market risk. We manage and maintain contractual activities with the leading info providers and stock exchange databases in order to guarantee the stability of services provided. We also assist in creating and revising contracts.

Regulatory Systems

We provide services designed to manage reporting to supervisory bodies, Banca d’Italia and the European Central Bank, including on behalf of consolidated companies. We support and develop applications for the accounts receivable cycle and management control (accounting). We implement and manage rating assessment models, combining external data sources with data from the Group’s information systems (risk management and compliance). We manage applications designed to uphold anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorism regulations and to provide reporting to the Italian Inland Revenue. We oversee Mediobanca’s Data Warehouse (DWH) system and the CRM for Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB).


We manage applications relating to the private sector, including front and back office and CRM. We oversee the asset management.

Middle Markets and Back Office

We manage financial training systems (equity, derivatives, rates etc.) and applications supporting operational processes pertaining to the Middle and Back Offices for bonds and derivatives (post-training), particularly as regards the deposit of securities for clients, data management for bonds, regulations, accounting, reporting to supervisory bodies, generation of reports for supervisory bodies and management of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)..

Operational Systems

We oversee applications designed to manage corporate current accounts and related payments (Core Banking and Payments). We also manage the credit and collateral system (Credit).

System Integration

We design and create real-time application integrations and updates where necessary to ensure services provided by Mediobanca can be supplied correctly