IT brings efficiency to your day-to-day work
At a time of profound transformation, we want to be the prime movers in the digital ecosystems we share with our customers and with the market leaders (Microsoft, IBM, Cisco and Oracle). We want to promote innovation in corporate information systems and deliver high quantitative and qualitative standards with robust, scalable solutions. To do this, we must create effective interconnections that allow us to ensure the highest levels of service and IT security.

Customer Support

We aim to be the first choice for any technology-related problems or enquiries, using advanced ticketing tools and an online product catalogue for self-service enquiries. We take care of the disposal of obsolete equipment and implement personal device solutions, which enable mobility and cooperation between legal entities (virtual desktop). We also offer a specific technical support service to manage infrastructure events, including centralised alarms and management of both internal and suppliers tickets, as well as impact analysis and reporting; escalation path entry point - we manage priorities and engagements, including on-call services for the infrastructure area.

Planning and Consultancy

With dedicated specialist personnel, we support our clients with the most complex projects. From the enquiry analysis phase to impact estimates, we seek optimal solutions while balancing quality and costs. We develop and implement ICT architecture, acting as system integrator in the existing technological scenario. We oversee project management and technical coordination, with a defined project management approach.
We provide specific consultancy services for performance tests; we can produce predictive monitoring components and display results on manned consoles, in real time, as well as on stakeholders devices by means of a mobile BI.

IT Operation Services

With a 'cloudlike', fully virtual in-house farm, we offer our customers traditional services, including server provisioning, storage, back-up, networking and telephony services, aiming for excellence and constantly seeking to improve our services. In line with market trends and the Group’s requirements, our catalogue also includes the most differentiating and innovative services:

  • unified communication (video conferencing and collaboration tools)
  • monitoring of infrastructure and of the end-user experience
  • connections with leading financial markets and info providers
  • grid computing and DevOps
  • platforms-as-a-service (Paas) for web applications.

DR and Change Management

We aim to be the first choice for Business Continuity, to manage risks that may impact the availability of IT services, guaranteeing continuity and availability. To this end, we periodically monitor infrastructure (DR environment), as well as organizing and coordinating regular tests. Guaranteeing services includes overseeing system change requests, and ensuring they are carried out with the least impact on IT services (classification of change based on impact, authorisation level management and reporting).