Information Management Systems

The Information Management Systems unit ensures the proper functioning and development of the Data Warehouse (DWH), the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the Intranet of the Group Companies and user portals developed with SharePoint technology.

DWH Analytics

We manage the Mediobanca Data Warehouse (DWH) System, in order to support the risk management, planning and budget analysis of the parent company, and its evolution towards the new Group DWH System.

We define the data model of the DWH and the connection between all systems that produce / receive data streams.

We manage the applications developed on the DWH to support the management control, cost allocation and budget management.

We operate as a competence center for Business Intelligence & Analytics within the organization.

Customer Relationship Management

We manage the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system of Mediobanca, supporting business activity (eg. opportunity management, Lending and Structured Finance operations (LSF), Debt Origination Team (DOT) and control).

We manage the application component of Mediobanca user portals developed with SharePoint technology (eg. Compliance Portal, Board of Directors (BOD), Knowledge Management (KM), etc.) and the Intranet of the Group Companies.

We produce reports and executive dashboards.

We operate as a competence center for CRM and SharePoint within the organization.