Group Application Platform

The Group Application Platforms unit manages and develops Group applications, supporting the development of information systems in line with the strategies of the Group and of the individual companies.

Regulatory Systems

We provide services to manage the Supervisory alerts relating to individual consolidated Group companies, to both the Bank of Italy and the ECB. We support and develop applications for accounts payable and management control (Accounting). We implement and manage models of ratings assessment of the customer companies by integrating external data sources with data from the Group's information system (Risk Management and Compliance). We oversee applications for managing money laundering and anti-terrorism regulations and for requests for investigation to the Italian Revenue Agency.

Operational Systems

We provide services for managing asset liability and interest rate and liquidity risk for Group companies (Group ALM). We oversee applications for managing corporate current accounts and related payments (Core Banking and Payments). Finally, we manage the credit and collateral (Credits) system.