Group IT Governance

IT governance comprises processes and resources that will ensure that Group ICT provides appropriate support to the realisation of business targets and corporate strategies. It coordinates with the other relevant corporate units and/or functions in the parent Company, MIS or subsidiaries within the specific areas of responsibility.

Overseeing IT Strategy

We support the Group CIO in defining IT strategy to achieve synergies across the Group, taking each company's needs into account.
We monitor IT costs, continually looking for opportunities for savings and cuts in consumption, and we verify that initiatives are in line with strategy to ensure value for the Company.

Overseeing Processes and IT Compliance

We promote the development of IT processes by enabling the management and development of the Group's information systems. We define the internal Group IT regulations and contribute to the drafting of local IT regulations by Group companies. We manage the risk of non-compliance with internal and external IT regulations by checking the processes and safeguards in place at Group level (IT Compliance).

Overseeing IT Security

We oversee the protection of the information assets of Group Companies, defining their strategic and development guidelines. We safeguard and manage IT risk by adopting appropriate protective measures to minimize the impact on the Company and maximize investments. We promote an information security culture within the Group and monitor the effectiveness of security safeguards. We oversee and manage business continuity by ensuring a comprehensive vision and adopting common methods and approaches within the Group.

Overseeing IT Architectures

We oversee enterprise architecture and define a development strategy for Group Information Systems. We design architectures in compliance with constantly evolving technological standards, supporting other IT functions in evaluating and selecting new solutions.
We safeguard Group information assets by continuously updating the catalogue of IT assets and supervising the disposal of obsolete technolog.