Business Relationship Management & IT Security

Management's mission is to establish a lasting, proactive and collaborative relationship with Group companies, ascertaining, addressing or anticipating within MIS the ICT needs of the various Group companies, delivering IT security services and specialist support in defining digital architectures to support IT business and services.

Managing Needs

We ascertain Group companies' needs by means of a structured and measurable process, turning business needs into ICT language and creating services that have fixed costs over time. We continuously monitor the market in question, technological innovations and industry regulations.

Digital Architectures

We help to develop MIS's role as an IT services technology partner for all Group companies, proposing innovative digital architectures useful for developing new business processes and channels that customers can use and that are scalable at industry level.

Security Management

We manage IT security by means of highly specialized skills, focusing on the specific nature and business needs of legal entities, ensuring security developments with regard to channel and business product developments in line with best practices and industry regulations.